Alprilla Farm's land has been farmed since the 17th century. Noah’s grandfather, Norbert Benotti purchased the farm to raise black angus cattle in 1978. He named the farm from an old expression that his father, an immigrant from the Emilia Romagna region of Italy used, meaning “It works” or “It goes.” In 1988, two weeks before Noah was born, his parents moved to the farm. Since the early nineties, Alprilla has been primarily a horse boarding and hay operation. Noah grew a one acre market garden in the summer of 2009. The season was a success, signaling the start of a new era of growing at Alprilla Farm.
Today, the Alprilla Farm operation cultivates a series of open spaces along a couple miles of the John Wise Avenue neighborhood, many of them leased. While Cape Ann isn’t known for it’s agricultural soil, we’ve been able to stitch together an “archipelago” of sorts of land suited for vegetables and grain. The home farm houses the packing shed, equipment barn, share room and CSA pick-your-own. The land continues to make hay and will now, once again, support a herd of beef cattle. The landscape of the business is varied and produces a diverse set of foods—vegetables, grains and meat—but we strive to have each aspect elegantly interact with the rest to create a whole farm organism.